Posted 11:42, Monday 2nd November
Gathering memories from Romsey residents

I have spent a lovely couple of weeks out and about in Romsey, gathering memories from residents about the trainl line, the canal and the housing developments on either side of the canal path.  

I heard all about the Plaza from Vin Richards.  Vin also had some great childhood railway memories; of working in the goods shed during school holidays and riding around town on the goods lorry – making deliveries, of gunpowder to Mr Moody.  “I used to play in the canal, looking for caddisfly, and I would keep them in a jam jar”  “There were fresh water mussels in the canal before it was drained in 1960.  You would find mussel shells with holes knocked in them by the birds”

We heard stories from Papa Webb about catching lizards and slow worms, field mice and snakes.  “I used to take them all home and make a zoo in the back garden, I charged a penny to have a look!”

The memories will not only inspire premenant artwork but will also be used to create a community poem.  

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