Posted 9:39, Friday 17th June
Stepping stones for Romsey's barge canal public art project

I am very excited that my way marking steppingstones for the Sprat an Winkle trail are all carved and ready to be cast in bronze.

IMG_1256The carvings are inspired by seafood packaging (the Sprat and Winkle railway line was named because of the seafood carried inland on the trains from Redbridge, Southampton) They illustrate prints made by local children during community workshops which I held in Romsey.

"I am so sorry Marion, it was lovely of you to show interest in trying to find my artworks. The way markers are set into the canal path, there is one on the path by the Plaza, and more further along the path. The benches are in the green space to the right of the canal (near Mercer Way) and the 7 vitreous enamel panels are under the Fishlake Meadows road bridge (perhaps you didn't quite walk that far with your grand children!) - I have now produced a map and I hope you will find this useful on another trip." by Nicola at 18:49, Wednesday 7th September

"Tried to follow the trail from plaza to abbotswood didn't see one signpost just followed canal very disappointing had my granddaughters with me tried to make it fun but didn't see one bench signpost or arrows to show the way" by Marion O'Reilly at 14:36, Monday 5th September

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